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Our mission is to inform and educate users about activity on the dark web.

Dark Web Guides & Tutorials

If opting to use the dark web / darknet for any reason, it is important to ensure that you take the necessary safety precautions. There are many oppressive regimes in the world where the punishments can be harsh, so your security is paramount. We hope these resources prove useful and valuable to you.

Why Use Monero

Why Use Monero?

Monero is growing ever more popular and widely adopted, but why should you use it? An exploration of the safety and security benefits that Monero offers for darknet activity.

Jesse ToddJesse Todd

Cryptocurrency Guide Jan 2024

PGP Encryption Guide

PGP Encryption

Ensure your personal information is protected by using the PGP tool Kleopatra when communicating on the dark web. It's free and easy to setup on Windows and Linux.

Jesse ToddJesse Todd

Software Guide Oct 2023

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallets

How to install and setup 3 of the most popular crypto wallets - Electrum Wallet (Bitcoin), Monero GUI (Monero) and Exodus (Multi-Currency).

James DestinJames Destin

Software Guide Oct 2023