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Cryptocurrency Wallets Guide

Cryptocurrency is essential if you wish to venture onto the darknet, and provides a means to safely and anonymously conduct online transactions that simply wouldn't be possible with fiat currency. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized form of digital currency that operates on the principles of cryptography. In this guide, we will explore the basic principles behind cryptocurrencies and provide a step-by-step guide on how to download and start using three popular cryptocurrency wallets; Electrum, Monero GUI, and Exodus.

Understanding Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Monero (the two most popular cryptos used on the darknet), operate on a technology called blockchain, which is a decentralized and transparent ledger. It eliminates the need for intermediaries like banks and enables secure and fast transactions across the globe. These digital currencies use cryptographic techniques to secure and verify transactions, ensuring their integrity and preventing unauthorized alterations.

Cryptocurrency wallets are software applications that help you store, manage, and transfer your crypto assets. They facilitate interactions with the blockchain network, ensuring the security of your funds. Let's explore three popular wallets and learn how to download and begin using them.

Electrum Wallet

Electrum Wallet is a Bitcoin only wallet. It is lightweight and easy to use, albeit the interface is relatively basic. For most people, it will do everything required.

1. Visit the official Electrum Wallet website.
2. Choose the version appropriate for your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux).
3. Click on the download link and save the installation file.
4. Install the application on your device.
5. Launch Electrum and click on "Create a new wallet."
6. Choose a wallet name and set a strong password.
7. Write down your seed phrase or recovery words, which help restore your wallet in case of any issues.
8. Follow the additional steps prompted by the application to complete the setup.
9. Electrum wallet allows you to send, receive, and manage your cryptocurrencies.

Electrum Wallet

Monero GUI Wallet

The Monero GUI wallet is the official wallet of Monero and makes managing your Monero easy. It also has compatibility with various hardware wallets for added security.

1. Visit the official Monero website and download the GUI Wallet.
2. Choose the appropriate version based on your operating system.
3. Save and install the application.
4. Launch the Monero GUI Wallet.
5. Set a strong password, which will encrypt your wallet files.
6. Create a new wallet or restore an existing one using a recovery phrase.
7. Sync the wallet with the Monero network (it may take some time if recovering an existing wallet).
8. Once synced, you can send, receive, and manage your Monero coins using the GUI Wallet.

Monero GUI Wallet

Exodus Wallet

Exodus is a multi-currency wallet supporting over 100 different coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Monero and Litecoin. It also supports in-app conversion, albeit for higher exchange rates than you can typically find elsewhere.

1. Go to the official Exodus Wallet website.
2. Click on "Download" and select the suitable version for your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux).
3. Save and launch the installation file.
4. Run Exodus after the installation is complete.
5. Create a new wallet and set a strong password.
6. The wallet will display a unique 12-word recovery phrase. Write it down and store it securely.
7. Exodus offers a user-friendly interface to manage various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.
8. You can receive, exchange, and manage your crypto assets through its intuitive interface.

Exodus Wallet

While the wallet itself is easy to use and you retain full custody of your crypto just like the previous wallets mentioned, one word of warning is that when using the in-app exchange function, you're actually transacting through a third party. It's therefore possible you may be asked for KYC (Know Your Customer) information if any if the crypto you're trying to exchange is flagged as suspicious. We would therefore recommend using an anonymous exchanger via Tor such as eXch or Infinity Exchanger.

James Destin
James Destin
Dark Web Journalist

Final thoughts

Cryptocurrency wallets serve as secure digital vaults for your crypto assets, allowing you to manage and execute transactions easily. If you wish to conduct any crypto based transactions, knowing how to use a wallet is essential. Take steps to protect and secure your wallet and transactions, and always stay up-to-date with the latest security practices.

Updated October 2023