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Drughub Market

Drughub Market may immediately make you think a certain other 'hub' on the internet, with its undeniably similar logo, but its associations are actually with the team behind White House Market, the formerly the world's number 1 darknet market, which retired in late 2021. And yes, it actually retired without exit scamming, with users being given time to withdraw their funds. White House Market was renowed for its high level of security, so will Drughub follow suit? Spoiler alert - it doesn't disappoint!

Drughub Market Links

You will require the Tor Browser in order to access Drughub Market. This is completely free and available for Windows, MacOS, Linux (all distros), iOS and Android.

Key Facts about Drughub Market

Founded August 2023
Cryptocurrencies accepted Monero (XMR) only
Product Categories Drugs, Software, Services, Forgeries / Counterfeits, Defense / Counter Intel
Notable Features 14 day escrow, Anti-bot protection, DDOS protection, Walletless pay, PGP only login, Jabberbot

One hub for all the drugs

After a brief anti-bot / anti-ddos check, you'll land straight into Drughub Market. There's no requirement to register in order to browse products so you can see whether what you're looking for is available before signing up. Given the large number of vendors and products present on the site, it's highly likely you'll find what you seek.

Drughub Home

Exploring Drughub

The interface is very easy to navigate, with categories on the left and all your account settings housed within the header. It's very easy to search for products or vendors using the search options on the landing page, which have a variety of advanced search filters so you can narrow down according shipping locations or price. In order to do more than just view products, you'll need to register. Unlike most markets that require a username and password, all you need on Drughub is a PGP key, and this is used every time you login by simply pasting in your public key. Below is the simple registration screen you'll be presented with:

Drughub Registration

After providing your public PGP key for a new account, you simply decrypt the message provided then that's it, your account is setup. No personal details needed.

See ourPGP Encryption Guide to help you get started.

Found something you like?

Each product listing contains plenty of detail such as prices and quantities available, plus photos, a description, refund policy and reviews from previous customers. You can also view information about an individual vendor, or send them a message if you have any questions about anything they are selling.

Drughub Market Product

Drughub only accepts Monero, but luckily this is the most privacy focused cryptocurrency, and also has very low fees, typically below a few cents. Drughub Market uses walletless pay, meaning you pay for your order at the checkout just like you would on Amazon. Therefore you can't just create your order, send the funds and then log out. No need to wait for the funds to be deposited.

Rules of Drughub Market

Drughub does not allow sales of fent or any poisonous chemicals, neither weapons or anything related to self defense. Non drug related products are allowed however, contrary to what the market's name might suggest. No trading is allowed within Russia or the Commonwealth of Independent States. There are also strict rules banning the sharing of off-market contact details through platforms such as Signal and Telegram, as this is often a method used by scammers to trick unsuspecting buyers to trade outside of the market, negating any escrow protection. Vendors are also expected to follow clear rules about the descriptions of products so as not to mislead customers.

James Destin
James Destin
Dark Web Journalist

Final thoughts on Drughub Market

Drughub follows in the footsteps of White House Market by only accepting Monero for payments, as well as mandating the use of PGP for those wishing to make a purchase. Whilst this may provide a barrier to some users, it ensures that user privacy and security is maximized, since even the event of the market being seized by law enforcement, there would be nothing incriminating on servers that was left unencrypted. Now the question remains, will Drughub also become a future number 1 market? It certainly has all the necessary ingredients, so time will tell!

Reviewed April 2024