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Incognito Market

It's rare that many individuals succeed in making waves and transforming the landscape of the dark web, but the Incognite Team, creators of Incognito Market, as well as platforms such as Libre Forum and Antinalysis, have done just that. But is Incognito Market their finest work, or just a minor cog in the wheel of their greater ambitions? Let's explore this universe of dark web shopping.

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You will require the Tor Browser in order to access Incognito Market. This is completely free and available for Windows, MacOS, Linux (all distros), iOS and Android.

Key Facts about Incognito

Founded 2021
Cryptocurrencies accepted Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
Product Categories Drugs Only - Benzodiazepines, Cannabis / Hashish, Dissociatives, Opiates (no fent), Psychedelics, Stimulants
Notable Features Variable 5-14 day Escrow, Anti-bot protection, DDOS protection, Walletless pay (pay at checkout), PGP 2 Factor Authentication (optional for buyers, mandatory for vendors), Governance system, Cryptocurrency exchange

Getting Started on Incognito

After I completed the sliding puzzle captcha which looks like planets and their energy fields, I chose the language from ten (!) options. Yes, these guys are multilingual hippie kings! I do wonder if there is going to be an 11th? Maybe that’s the charm for them to be the number 1 in the dark web? After signing up for an account and completing the classic protocols of noting down the mnemonic and secret phrase, I started my dark journey.

Incognito Captcha

First Impressions of Incognito

The user interface is super nice and unique. It feels modern with an attractive side bar on the left hand side (kinda like Dark Weeble). Finding products is a breeze thanks to lots of search options. Looking for weed, mushrooms, sleeping aids or similar? You'll find them no sweat if you're living in the US, Europe or most of the world in fact. Each product has a wealth of information and there's no shortage of reviews to read so you can see what's hot and what's not.

Incognito Market

The Incognite Foundation

The Incognite Foundation may be the standout thing that makes Incognito so unique and free compared to all other darknet establishments. They are indeed among the most independent thinkers in the dark web world. They are the freedom fighters that you might have heard of in the distant or the close past of your short life. I feel assured with their high standards for privacy, security and anonymity. I honestly haven’t seen any market this dedicated.

The Incognito Team are constantly donating to the right projects to make sure that we all can keep having the ultimate freedom that we all desire of the dark web and wider world. I was very impressed that these 3 causes were amongst the receivers; Monero, Medicine sans Frontier and The Tor Project.

Live Bank Cryptocurrency Exchange

Time to talk about their bank system which functions as a cryptocurrency exchange. You need to deposit first and then you can convert between BTC and XMR as you wish. I am big fan of XMR for its low fees and security, so I say go and exchange BTC for XMR. When withdrawing your coins, you can only do once per hour of each coin type. This must be a security thing, or maybe to prevent spam. You can also do a transfer to another user account in the market.

Live Bank

Their fee is 2% which is reasonable for the service provided. Those who trust Incognito may feel more comfortable conducting an exchange here to compared to standalone exchanges run by unknown entities.

Incognito Market Governance

Incognito Market Governance

The team are pretty open to suggestions; they have a page documenting the many (regular) changes and updates. In addition, they have a voting system so that both users and vendors' views can be heard. You might get a 100% no to a proposal, but if an idea takes off, it could shape the future of the market. Good to be headliners, there is no bad PR in the media, dark or bright!

Experience Using the Market

Their dispute team is fast but not furious. Honest experience from a trusted friend - their dispute (caused by non-delivery and lack of communication from a vendor) was resolved within 72 hours. No hanging on anxiously for weeks waiting for see whether your money will ever reappear. Experiences may vary, but from this one anecdotal experience, it's all good!

The vendor bond is rather high at $750, but that deters scammers from simply signing up so it's most definitely a win for buyers. Incognito has some Finalize Early (FE) vendors too, but these are only the most trusted and well reputed vendors.

Incognito Market Vendor

I haven’t seen any harmful, horrible or horrid content. It's strictly a drug only market. They do not commercialize fraud, human trafficking or anything nasty like that, which indicates a great soul behind the team.

April Aprica
April Aprica
Dark Web Journalist

Final thoughts on Incognito Market

This is by far my favorite dark shopping experience in the known universe. Better than Amazon. Better than eBay. It's cool, it's creative, it's a great user experience all round. Nothing but positivity here. Creating trends then trending topics, notorious April A. Well, not that notorious I guess. Signing off! The AA.

Reviewed October 2023