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Kerberos Market | Dark Web Market

Hell yes, hell yes… No I'm not cursing, this is the motto of Kerberos Market, allegedly run by Lucifer himself. Gosh, this must be a place where you do bad things, isnt it? Well, it kinda is… This hell creature branded market offers a place to shop for all kinds of goodies. Demons snorting some coco powder does not sound so unusual right? Kerberos claims to be the most faithful of all markets out there, loyalty being their motto. Having opened in February 2022, that's over 2 years of loyal service so far. But will Kerberos Market be here forever, and is it worthy of your eternal loyalty?

Kerberos Market Links

You will require the Tor Browser in order to access Kerberos Market. This is completely free and available for Windows, MacOS, Linux (all distros), iOS and Android.

Key Facts about Kerberos Market

Founded February 2022
Cryptocurrencies accepted Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
Product Categories Drugs & Chemicals, Counterfeit Items, Fraud, Services, Guides & Tutorials, Carded Items, Tutorials, Software & Malware, Precious Metals
Notable Features 14 day escrow, Anti-bot protection, DDOS protection, PGP 2 Factor Authentication (optional for buyers, mandatory for vendors), Variable commission (2% to 6%), Kerberos Cataclysm Protocol (to release funds in the case of market takedown)

Kerberos Market First Impressions

If you like dark mode by default websites, then you'll immediately feel comfortable on Kerberos. That's assuming you don't dislike orange, because you're going to see a lot of it. I mean, a lot! Text, borders, it's everywhere! I'm okay with it though. In terms of security, you'll see at the very start the DDOS and bot protection that's in place, and it stands out from other markets by being 2 factor protection. It's quite easy to complete though as you'll see below. Kerberos Market Captcha Once you're through that, all I had to do was register, login and engage! Registering only took a minute and there's no need to share any personal information or anything like that. You don't exactly want to be giving your personal details to Lucifer after all!

After logging into Kerberos Market you can surf through various vendors and categories, or do a custom search for any product you desire. This is the devil's shopping mall after all.

Kerberos Market Main Page

The product pages contain lots of information and images so you can make an informed purchasing decision. As a well established market, you'll find lots of products and vendors already had a ton of reviews too, which is great! Nothing worse than taking a punt with an unknown product or vendor. Let other people's experiences inform your choices!

Kerberos Market Product

Kerberos has a good reputation for banning scammers and the market has a series of strict rules, so it's certainly not a hell for shoppers - more of a scammer's hell.

Buying and Selling - A Deal With The Devil?

When purchasing, they don’t charge any fees to the buyer except the crypto transaction fee (which will be no more than a few cents if you use Monero). And you should really use XMR over BTC as it's better in every way as far as dark web shopping is concerned. You will need to deposit funds to your own wallet with a requirement of a minimum 10 USD deposit amount. And yes I tested, and it works just fine. Feeling lucky or have some leftover crypto after making a purchase? Then maybe try the grand tombala on your way out!

For those looking to sell their wares, the Kerberos Market vendor bond is $500 (USD) at the time of writing and 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is required to be up and running, which is a good security practice of course. Well established vendors can apply for a waiver however.

Kerberos Market - The Rules That Must Be Obeyed

As I stated already, Kerberos has zero tolerance for scammers, and they insist that vendors must behave with honesty and integrity. Nobody must defile the platform with duplicate or misleading listings, nor attempt communicate outside of the platform. There's also specific products such as fent which cannot be sold.

I like the fact that many physically harmful activities are forbidden (human organ sales and that kind of nasty stuff) to ensure that the vulnerable aren't exploited on Kerberos. Lucifer clearly has a special place for those people, and it's not on his market! It's nice to see Kerberos doing their bit of charity also via Heifer International which supports farmers in poor countries who feed the world. Check out the good work they do on the Heifer International website. Maybe do a tiny bit of good yourself…

April Aprica
April Aprica
Dark Web Journalist

Final thoughts on Kerberos Market

It's clear that Lucifer and his minions are highly ambitious with this darknet market, and seem intent on being here for the long haul. Will it be forever as they claim? Well, nothing lasts forever in this mortal realm, but to have even survived for more than 2 years is impressive by dark web standards, so who can say what the future holds? I can safe with certainty that I've been impressed with the experience I've witnessed though. Then again, would I want to risk incurring the wrath of Lucifer by saying otherwise...?

Reviewed March 2024