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Kingdom Market

NOTICE: Kingdom Market seized by law enforcement as of 20 December 2023 according to multiple sources: 1 | 2 | 3

Soon to be 3 years old, Kingdom Market claims to be the lord of all darknet markets. I would say their claim is not entirely farfetched and is somewhat backed by their actions, having built a mighty... well, kingdom! The question is, can the kingdom remain stable when faced with such significant growth and rivals vying for its crown from all sides, or will it be the dungeons for the admins of this market in the not too distant future?

Kingdom Market Links

You will require the Tor Browser in order to access Kingdom Market. This is completely free and available for Windows, MacOS, Linux (all distros), iOS and Android.

Key Facts about Kingdom Market

Founded March 2021
Cryptocurrencies accepted Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Monero (XMR)
Product Categories Drugs, Services, Security & Hosting, Miscellaneous, Jewellery & Art, Identification, Guides & Tutorials, Fraud, Counterfeits
Notable Features 5-14 day escrow (determined by vendor), Anti-bot protection, DDOS protection, PGP 2 Factor Authentication (optional for buyers, mandatory for vendors), Pony & Orient Express

Foundation of Kingdom Market

The rulers of Kingdom Market proudly declare that it was coded from scratch which is a rare thing in this dark web world, where many markets end up simply being reskins of an Eckmar or AlphaBay script. These script-markets also tend to be the markets most likely to be shut down, since the admins often lack the necessary skills to stay safe from law enforcement. The Kingdom Market team have done a solid job showing off their skills, by regularly integrating new features and keeping bugs to a minimum. If Kingdom was an app on your phone, it would be the one with the most regular updates!

Kingdom Market has has a big family vibe which reminds me of Japanese corporate structures whereby those working there become one with the company. And judging by the hours the admins put in, the work ethic is there too. Hopefully not to the point of passing out in the streets due to overdose of workaholism. They might be those guys; I would believe it.

Entering the Kingdom

The first gate you must pass is their captcha. You will surely like their puzzle, providing you know the roman numerals at least. Perhaps you have a tattoo of those if not? Or just look them up. Either works.

Kingdom Market Captcha

Registering is very simple. Be sure to save your mnemonic. Get creative and maybe tattoo your mnemonic to your body. Or just keep it somewhere safe. Again, either works.

Inside the Kingdom

There's no lack of wares to purchase here with vendors numbers in the thousands, making Kingdom Market one of the largest kingdom's in all of the dark web.

Kingdom Market Home

Kingdom Market accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Monero (XMR) which are the 3 most popular dark web cryptocurrencies. Litecoin isn't all that common these days though, and while it offers little in the way of security advanges over Bitcoin, it's much faster and has lower transaction fees. Monero is still recommended though, but at least the choice is there.

The taxes / fees charged by the market are very reasonable. Depositing will cost you 1% of that amount and withdrawing is 3%. Obviously make sure you deposit a little extra than your order value to account for this 1% fee, plus any crypto inflation that may happen between the time of deposit and the funds landing in your wallet. If using Monero, this should appear in around 20 minutes, and as low as 15 minutes for Litecoin. If opting for Bitcoin, be patient as it could take several hours in busy times, particularly if your transaction fee is low. IT all depends on the level of traffic on the blockchain.

The great thing is they are open and honest and there are no other fees during the purchasing process. In short, the buyer pays 1% and the seller pays 3%, for a total of 4%. Below the market average of 5% (which can often be higher after accounting for hidden fees).

Kingdom Market Product

Ordering Goods & Services

The escrow system provides good protection of users. And feel free to leave a review and comment once your order is complete. It might just be buried in the other 300 reviews in that day (it's a busy market), but if the other 299 people took the same stance, then there would be no reviews at all! If you later change your opinion, you have 60 days to modify the review, so it's in a vendor's interest to provide a little aftercare.

Kingdom Market Vendor

Disputes are easy to raise one but please do the decent thing and talk to the vendor first. Where a dispute is necessary, the Kingdom Market admins do their fair share of moderating and trying to reach a judgement through the evidence and testimonies available to them from both parties. In case either party involved in the dispute does not respond within 96 hours, they will automatically lose and the full amount will be awarded to the other party.

April Aprica
April Aprica
Dark Web Journalist

Final thoughts on Kingdom Market

This kingdom feels cool and classy. If it were a real life location, it would be Milan or Paris. Lots of choice and a pleasant environment for shoppers. It most definitely feels like a kingdom built on rocks rather than sand, with no risk of sinking any time soon. Discover it for yourself amigos!

Reviewed October 2023