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Nemesis Market

What do you get when you combine a darknet market and large forum community? The answer is Nemesis. The pairing of Nemesis Market and Nemesis Forum provide a platform for purchasing goods and discussing those very purchases, or a range of other topics. In this respect Nemesis goes beyond what most darknet marketplaces offer and exists as its own community to rival the likes of Dread and Libre Forum. Let's delve deeper into what's on offer.

Nemesis Market Links

You will require the Tor Browser in order to access Nemesis Market. This is completely free and available for Windows, MacOS, Linux (all distros), iOS and Android.

Key Facts about Nemesis

Founded 2021
Cryptocurrencies accepted Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
Product Categories Drugs, Fraud, Hacking, Forgeries / Counterfeits, Other
Notable Features 14-day Escrow, Forum, Anti-bot protection, DDOS protection, Walletless pay (pay at checkout), PGP 2 Factor Authentication (optional for buyers, mandatory for vendors)

Getting Started on Nemesis

Whether you're interested in the market, forum or both, signing up for an account on Nemesis is super easy and no personal details are required. We would recommend using separate accounts for any buyer and forum activity for added safety, but it's entirely up to you. It's worth noting that you can browse products and forum posts without an account, but anything more than that will require registration.

Nemesis Market

When creating and account or signing in, you'll be required to complete a captcha as part of the anti-bot process. The first thing you'll be struck by is the rather raunchy nature of these captchas, which require the identication of the incorrect squares. In short, there are an array of pictures of women with clothing items missing. It's clear Nemesis is catering to a primarily male audience.

Checking out Nemesis Market

After creating an account, I decided to check out the market part first since that's what the majority of users are likely signing up for. Browsing for products is easy thanks to a nice simple search function which includes some filters for shipping locations, categories etc. to make finding what you want a breeze. What's particularly nice is that all quantities are included within a single listing so you don't have to navigate through lots of identical listings. If only more markets could take this approach.

Nemesis Market Product

Each listing page clearly shows all possible quantities, as well as shipping information, product details and pricing. Users can also leave reviews following a purchase. There's also an area for open discussions about an individual product which the vendor or other users can comment on - great if you're looking to find out more information before making a purchase. This is a feature we've not seen anywhere else, and integrates well with the forum element of Nemesis.

Nemesis Market Vendor

Vendor's have their own page which includes all of their products and reviews on one place, plus other information such as their PGP key. but Product reviews show the most recent at the top. Usernames are largely obscured for security and privacy reasons which is good to see.

Checking out Nemesis Forum

The forum section of Nemesis allows any user to create a new thread or reply to an existing one. It's just like any other online forum in other words, apart from allowing a much broader range of discussion topics that wouldn't necessarily be welcome on clearnet forums (such as discussion about drugs, fraud and darknet activity).

Nemesis Forum

You may think discussions on Nemesis Forum would be limited to topics relating to the market, and whilst many discussions are about vendors and products, there's actually a much broader range of topics. Even discussions about other darknet markets are welcomed. I found a thread discussing the exit of Tor2Door Market for example, with other threads openly discussing where products could be sourced on other markets. It's good to see that the administrators of Nemesis are committed to it being an open platform.

What I Liked

The interface is super easy to use and there's very little learning curve. You're not too heavily bombarded with captchas either, with it primarily just being upon sign up and login.

Nemesis Market benefits from having vendors with thousands of sales and reviews spanning several years, and with so many products on offer (I estimate over 20k), it's very easy to find what you're looking for, wherever you are in the world. For most vendors there is a 14-day escrow period in effect, meaning you've got plenty of protection in case there's an issue, at which point a Nemesis moderator make a decision based upon the information provided by both parties. There are a small handful of large established vendors with 'FE' (Finalize Early) privileges, but the vast majority are on an escrow basis, which provides good protection for users.

Areas for Improvement

Whilst the captchas are generally simple enough, they won't be to everyone's taste. If you're not a fan of (female) nudity, maybe go elsewhere. That said, most people using the darknet are probably not too bothered by such things. Otherwise, it's hard to find much to criticize here.

James Destin
James Destin
Dark Web Journalist

Final thoughts on Nemesis Market / Forum

Nemesis pretty much delivers everything you could want from a darknet market and forum. It's got a clean and user friendly interface, tons of users / vendors, and has built up a decent level of trust within the community having been around for several years. I've yet to hear about any complaints about scam activity on the market, which signals that Nemesis team are seemingly very vigilant when it comes to protecting users. Being able to pay at the checkout without depositing to a wallet in advance is nice too and helps streamline the buying process.

Reviewed October 2023