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Nexus Market

Some darknet markets exist for years without ever gaining serious traction, whilst others burst onto the scene and find themselves with a huge custom base within just a matter of months. Thanks to some strong marketing and appealing visual design, Nexus Market falls into the latter category, having risen to become one of the world's largest darknet markets since its opening in November 2023. So what's all the hype about and is it justified? Well, they do say the customer is always right...

Nexus Market Links

You will require the Tor Browser in order to access Nexus Market. This is completely free and available for Windows, MacOS, Linux (all distros), iOS and Android.

Key Facts about Nexus Market

Founded November 2023
Cryptocurrencies accepted Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR) and Litecoin (LTC)
Product Categories Stimulants, Cannabis, Counterfeit Items, Benzos, Opioids, Psychedelics, Fraud, Ecstasy, Guides & Tutorials, Digital Goods
Notable Features 14 day escrow, Anti-bot protection, DDOS protection, Walletless pay, PGP 2 Factor Authentication (optional for buyers, mandatory for vendors), Physical and digital modes, Imported feedback from other markets

Enter the Nexus

After passing the standard captcha process to determine you're not a bot (pretty simple), you will arrive at a login page, where you can also register for a new account. The information required is minimal, and there's a PIN alongside a password for added security.

Nexus Market Registration

Interface of Nexus Market

The sleek dark mode interface is immediately presented to you upon logging in. I was struck by high quality of the design which makes it easy to find everything you want. All your account options are located in the header, with everything else in the main body.

Nexus Market Home

Searching for products is a breeze. Unlike most markets, Nexus Market separates physical and digital goods into separate modes. So the first thing you need to do is check whether you are in physical or digital mode (found at the top of the page). Physical goods include drugs and counterfeits, whilst digital mode is for stuff like tutorials and credit cards. You can then use the categories area, or conduct a search based upon individual words, which you can then apply filters to, such as shipping location. You can also search according to an individual vendor if you have someone in mind. It's all very intuitive and very simple for anyone with experience of darknet markets.

Browsing and Purchasing

There is a good amount of detail in each product listing whicvh will show you all available prices and quantities available, plus photos, a description, refund policy and reviews from previous customers. You can also view more detailed information about an individual vendor, or send them a message if you have any queries. Basically, everything you need to make a well informed purchasing decision is at your fingertips.

Nexus Market Product

When you want to by something, you simply select the quantity and shipping option, then add it to your cart. Nexus accepts Bitcoin, Monero and Litecoin, so there's a lot of flexibility in terms of ways to pay. Bitcoin is the most expensive and slowest. Monero has the best security features and much lower fees. Litecoin is very fast and also low fees, but less secure than Monero.

Remember, try not to send any cryptocurrency directly from an exchange to Nexus Market for security reasons. You should first transfer funds to a non custodial wallet such as Electrum or Exodus. We have a guide detailing cryptocurrency wallets so check that out for more information.

Remember that Nexus Market allows for walletless pay, so you can pay for your order at the checkout if you wish. You can deposit to a wallet first if preferred however. It's nice to have the option of both!

When providing your shipping details for physical orders, you could auto-encrypt with the market's automatic system, but it's strongly recommended that you use vendor’s PGP key and do this yourself. A guide on how to use PGP encryption is availablehere.

Rules of Nexus Market

Nexus Market requests that all users refrain from any offensive or disrepectful language when using the site. There are clear content restrictions that mean certain substances such as those containing fent cannot be sold on the platform, alongside harmful content such as that involving children or animals. There are also strict rules banning the sharing of off-market contact details through platforms such as Signal and Telegram, as this is often a method used by scammers to trick unsuspecting buyers to trade outside of the market, negating any escrow protection. Overall there's nothing that any honest user should be concerned about.

James Destin
James Destin
Dark Web Journalist

Final thoughts on Nexus Market

It's hard to find anything to criticize about Nexus Market. The team behind it clearly has a high level of technical expertise and provides one of the most impressive suites of features I have seen. With the large number of markets that have disappeared from the dark web in recent months and years, it's reassuring to see that such professional platforms are still arriving on the scene. I believe Nexus Market has all the makings of a future number 1 market, following in the footsteps of behemoths such as Empire Market, Dream Market and White House Market.

Reviewed April 2024